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Welcome To The New KAZUS Site

Welcome to the new KAZUS site Posted by Admin on October 13 2018

The site was reopened with all new software and will be undergoing some tweaking to get everything set up properly. Should you encounter a problem, please use the Contact Us link to let me know. Updates will be posted here as new features become available.

Generally, active participation beyond viewing the content of public areas requires registering an account. Think of it as a border wall keeping the SPAMMERS and other "undocumented" meddlers out. There will also be private areas to which only people with reason to participate in them will have access, and a method to request access to such areas in in the works.

This section was added to document new features as they become available.

  • Chatroom - Just installed but appears to work as expected. Participation is restricted to registered members.
  • RSS Aggregator - (News Reader) Newly installed and requires tweaking. This is an independent module, since I'm not having any luck getting the one that integrates with the site software to work.

Here's a brief rundown of what's currently here and planned additions:

  • Front Page - This is the main site page and contain event listings and links to various newly added or featured articles, news items, forum posts, etc.
  • Event Calendar - Members can add calendar events and register for events with limited seating or that require payment. Working on code for repeating events that occur on different dates (1st Monday, etc).
  • Articles - this section contains articles categorized by content or interest, with categories added as needed. There is a link on the navigation menu for submitting articles.
  • News - essentially the same as articles but with different organization and access rights. I expect that the news section to become more like actual news (current events) while the articles section remains static. News items can be submitted via the link on the navigation menu.
  • Forum - this is arguably the most useful part of the site; a categorized collection of discussions. Each category contains one or more boards dedicated to particular topics. The power of forums is that people visiting the site can read and reply to what any of the participants of a particular forum thread wrote. It's kind of like public email. This site also contains restricted and private forum boards, the former being visible to the public but restrict posting to group members, and the latter visible only to members of a particular group. Some boards also allow uploading and downloading files, as well as creating and voting in polls.
  • Gallery - Currently the photo galleries are administrated by me but photos can be uploaded through the link in the navigation menu. I'm working on modifications that will allow members to create their own galleries, as well as personal pages on this site.
  • Web Links - these are categorized links to other sites. I'm not a big fan of any type of external links, because changes to the linked sites often cause the links to stop working, but since the goal of this site is to provide information, links to sites that may be of interest to our members will be provided. Again there is a link in the navigation menu where you can submit a site link for inclusion.
  • FAQ - FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. The FAQ section can be set up with as many categories as necessary, and the goal is to populate this section with answers to common questions and links to more indepth explanations. While there is no direct link to submit a question (or answer) for this section, such items can be provided through the Contact Us link.
  • Contact Us - this page allows anyone to contact designated site administrators through the site's private messaging system, which forwards the messages by email.
  • Private Messaging - registered members can communicate directly through the site, as well as receiving messages by email without revealing their email addresses.
  • Newsletter - although if I have to write them, newsletters will never get off the ground, the site does provide the option to subscribe to such publishings, as well as allowing the administrators to send email messages to groups of members or to all members. I am a big fan of privacy, so don't expect to start getting special offers in the mail any time soon.
  • Downloads - this section allows members and/or the public to download various files like documents or executable programs. There probably won't be much use for this section but it's there, and there is a link to it, as well as to submit a file for inclusion, in the navigation menu.
  • Paypal - let me emphatically state that I am NOT a fan, but I may set up a Paypal gateway for whatever payments and donations people wish to make. Since part of my reason for revamping this site is to benefit the Repubican Party, a portion of any proceeds will be donated to the local chapter.
  • Social Media - again, not a fan, but exploring the notion of allowing account creation through Facebook and/or linking comments to and/or from such sites.
  • Youtube - I'm also looking into the feasibility of linking to Youtube videos.
  • e-Commerce - it'll take me a while to get it set up, but it looks like we have a fairly comprehensive ecommerce solution which I will try to adapt for my own use, as well as for anyone who would like to use this site as a platform for selling. Since I have all the necessary licensing, I can also work with people who don't. Speaking of commerce, I also play to shamelessly promote some of the services I can provide, many of which are offered gratis.
  • Chat System - Currently (subject to change or removal) testing a separate chat system that offers the immediacy of real-time chat, including a painting option but can also retain posts for extended periods.
  • Blog System - this is like a private forum board, where the blog owner can post and if permitted, readers can comment on the posts. Anyone interested in becoming a blogger on this site please contact me.
  • RSS Feeds - I'm currently working on getting the bugs out of a syndicated feed aggregator that will allow news headlines from various sites to be displayed on this site. I'm a big fan of news feeds as a way to keep abreast of things, since many sites display only the items they want you to know, so by skimming through the feeds from sites with opposing views, you usually get a pretty good sense of what's really going on.
  • Other Pages - a number of pages designed for the former site software may be included here. These include an auction page and directories of area clubs, organizations, businesses, and activities.

That's basically it, but with a little tweaking there's not much those tools can't do. Again, your ideas and suggestions are welcome, and if you can't figure something out, please ask!


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