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Patriotism And Nationalism

Patriotism and Nationalism Posted by Admin on November 10 2018

Perhaps this should be filed under 'opinion' because it does represent my opinion, but I am going  to suppose - perhaps incorrectly - that there is enough sanity left in the world to realize that anyone who doesn't share this opinion is a couple of fries shy of a happy meal.

On top of all the other hate and discontent being sown in our country, by two groups which I will discuss in a moment, now there is a situation where a mural of the American flag that was in the process of being painted on the side of the La Bella Pizza Bristo in New Paltz, New York, has been defaced by vandals. And the reason, apparently, is that "protesters" (aka vandals) "were opposed" to what they thought was "a political position." “They didn’t want a flag. They thought that it meant a political position and they were opposed,” Maria Lisante, the owner, said. A few community members opposed the mural, calling the flag “a symbol of hate and oppression,” while others rallied in support of the mural.

"Community Members" is not a phrase I would use to describe people who describe the flag of the country in which they live as a symbol of hate and oppression. I would call them traitors, and if it were up to me they would be stripped of their citizenship - assuming that they actually are citizens.

Now about those two groups; it should be apparent to anyone with more than a room-temperature IQ that countries, like every other type of social construct, exist for a reason and that those living within them are obligated to respect the rights of those with whom they share residency. For those who find that to be a difficult concept to understand, let me try to illustrate: If it is permissible for one individual to damage the property of another because that individual does not like it, then it is equally permissible for others to do likewise. That means that if you vandalize my mural - regardless of its symbolism, then I am free to burn your house down. And before you argue about the difference in severity, please realize that if it became a tit-for-tat situation, that would happen eventually.

The first class of people in this country fomenting the kind of hatred that we see spreading across the country are not Americans at all, but foreign actors who have infiltrated virtually all venues in our country with one thought in mind: to destroy America. As to the hows and whys, the why part is at least partially "our" fault, and by that I mean the fault of our government, which instead of doing what it was created to do, namely to insure domestic peace and tranquillity, instead decided to play god by transforming other countries to our image and likeness. At least ostensibly; in reality what happened is that people in positions of power, both within and without the government, got greedy and used their power to turn our government from one that protects its people to one that enriches those entrusted with overseeing it.

As to the how , while we have historically been fairly welcoming of immigrants, as with every other aspect of our government, those who systematically crept in and replaced the honorable men and women who used to represent the vast majority of our government turned virtually everything into a money making machine, including gaining entry - legally or illegally, into our country. The systematic takeover of our country is pretty much like a cancer; it starts small and if not detected and treated grows exponentially, and at some point becomes untreatable. At this point the only treatment option, in my opinion, is to make examples of those within our borders who are flaunting our laws and undermining our nation. There is a reason that treason carries the death penalty, and that is because it is simply not acceptable.

The second group of people that are destroying our country are those whose minds have apparently been turned to soup by too many TV commercials. Let's face it; 95% of the commercials exist simply to convince people to buy something that they neither need, nor would have bought, if some advertiser hadn't convinced them to. Obviously it works, or there wouldn't be 30 minutes of commercials in every programming hour. And I'm sorry to say, if you buy something because someone on television told you to, then you are easily misled, and if you are easily misled then you are exactly the type of useful idiot that those who want to destroy our country need to accomplish their goal.

While I understand, at least to some degree, how our government's meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations at least partly caused the attacks on our country like the destruction of the World Trade Center (which ample evidence suggests was orchestrated by actors within our own government), that does not condone such actions by foreign nationals from countries which display open hostility against our nation. There's a simple concept here, namely anyone who is not your friend may be your enemy, and if they act like your enemy it is best to assume that they are. Lest we misconstrue the definitions of 'friend' and 'enemy', a friend is someone who does what they say they will do and is considerate of your wants and needs as well as their own, while an enemy says one thing and does another, with animosity to or no concern for your wants and needs.

So who that is capable of rational thought believes that if overwhelming evidence indicates that a number of Muslim-controlled countries are openly hostile to America, we should be more concerned about offending Muslims than the safety and security of our country? How IRONIC (almost like it was planned that way...) that despite our nation's 200+  year history of requiring evidence to prosecute someone for a crime, we now have "hate crimes" where judges and juries profess to be able to divine why a person committed a particular offense. The irony, if it is lost on you, is that the crosshairs of the "hate crime" label are slowly being rotated toward American patriots, and the fools who do what the television tells them to do gleefully cheer when foreign nationals triumph over their fellow Americans. No, actually it would be a travesty for me to leave that uncorrected, for people that act that way do not deserve to be called Americans at all.

Americans are those who fight for the ideals upon which this country was founded. While we have not always practiced what we preached, or preached what we should have been preaching, it comes back to the same issue: whether you are a citizen of a country, am employee of a company, or a member of a club or a family, your responsibility is to uphold the honor and integrity of that unit and place its interests above all others. If you do not, you are not a member of the unit, but a traitor to it. In all cases you have options; you can either try to change the way the unit you are a part of is run, or you can leave it, but at no point do you have the right to claim membership in any group and act contrary to its best interests.

If you think that an American flag is a symbol of hatred and oppression then you should be shipped off to one of the countries where that opinion is popular, and I am willing to fundraise on your behalf. But unlike some of our political "representatives" who believe it is your right to go to one of those countries to become an enemy combatant, let me just say that you had better pray that you never come face-to-face with me after doing so.


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