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How To Be A Patriot

How to be a Patriot Posted by Admin on December 09 2018

First off, let's agree that nationalism is patriotic... if you can't see that, there's little chance that you and I are on the same team. Despite what you may have heard in the mainstream media, the definition of nationalism "ism't" hard to glean; just as racism is favoring one race over all others and globalism is favoring global government (aka the new world order) over individual sovereign nations, nationalism is favoring one nation over all others. Notice that all these "isms" are a form of favoritism, the definition of which also shouldn't require a degree in rocket science to understand.

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary provides the following definitions:

Patriotism: love for or devotion to one's country.

Nationalism: loyalty and devotion to a nation; esp : a sense of national consciousness exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups.

Notice that both patriotism and nationalism espouse devotion to one's country or nation, whereas socialism and communism both advocate the elimination of private property. It should easily follow that the proponents of globalism, socialism, and communism all share the same goal, namely to create a ruling class and a ruled class, ie, feudalism.

The antithesis of globalism, socialism, and communism, then, is patriotism and nationalism. While I acknowledge that "statism", in the sense of loyalty to one's home state, is not necessarily a bad thing, I think we can all agree that there should be one set of rules for everyone, and those rules should be uniformly upheld and enforced nationwide if we are to function as a nation. It should be obvious that if we do not function as a nation, we will succumb to the false song of globalism.

Now here is where it will get dicey for many people: loyalty to a family requires doing everything possible to protect it from harm, and so does loyalty to a nation. Most people probably do not give much thought to protecting their family against violent criminals, but presumably when faced with actually having to do so, a large percentage of people would risk their own lives to protect their family from harm. That is what loyalty portends.

Sadly, most people never actually consider the threats that their family may face, leaving them woefully unprepared in the event of any catastrophic event that they could have taken steps to mitigate. Some of these preparatory steps are fairly simple and require little planning or training, like adding fire extinguishers or updating door and window security, and, let's face it, in normal times simple measures are usually enough. But what if they aren't?

What do you do when your family is trapped in a burning home or car, and if you had a fire extinguisher you could save them, but you don't? What do you do when home invaders kick in your door in the middle of the night and if you had a gun you could fight them, but you don't? What do you do if you or your family suddenly find yourselves surrounded by a violent group of "antifa" thugs determined to cause destruction and injury to anyone in their way, or if some looney toon decides to start shooting up your local church, grocery store, etc?

Is counting on the police, fire department, army, etc. to save you when bad things happen really a good plan? Consider this: there are over 300 million people in this country, presumably at least half of whom are adults capable, at least to some degree, of protecting people and things they care about. Now consider how relatively few police officers, firemen, medics, soldiers, and similar professionals there are, yet they are expected to keep everyone in this country safe.

In the event of a hurricane or earthquake, personnel from all over the country respond to the aflicted areas to help out, but who is left to help if our country is overrun, especially if it's from the inside? Spoiler alert: it's us. Unless you have a valid reason not to, if you are a patriot and want to protect yourself, your family, your way of life, and your country, get a gun and teach everyone in your family how to use it.

You can buy a brand new rifle, shotgun or handgun for between $250 and $500, and get professional training on how to use them for about another $50 to $100. Bullets typically cost between $20 and $50 a box. Let's round up and say that the premium for insurance that provides coverage against a host of potentially deadly situations is a one-time expenditure of $750 and several hours of your time, and an annual renewal fee of a box of bullets and a couple of hours at a gun range. That's probably less than you give your church, favorite charity, or political party every year. Is it really too much to ask?

When you buy a gun and bullets and get professional training, you are being a patriot. Not only are you accepting responsibility for potecting your family, your community, and your country, but you are supporting your fellow patriots, both emotionally and financially, and you are helping the nation's economy. But most importantly, you are choosing sides.

If another "civil" war breaks out, there will be three groups of people: those on the left, those on the right, and those caught in the middle. Whether we survive as a nation depends on the willingness of those on the right to fight and die for what they believe in, namely our inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. i hope it never comes to that, but I sure do hope you'll join us.


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