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FAQ: Site

Why can't I post?Why can't I register?Why don't I have access to the [????] areas of the site?
Why can't I post?
Posting in the forum, as well as submitting news items, articles, web links, pictures or file uploads, is generally restricted to registered members (think of member registration as our border wall) to prevent abuse of the site. You must be logged in to access areas and features not available to guests.

When uploading files (images or other), please note the restrictions listed; if the file you are trying to upload exceeds the size limit or upload quantity limit, or is of a type not listed in the accepted file types, the system will reject it.

If you are a registered member and are logged in and still cannot post or submit content, please use the Contact Us link to let us know. Generally speaking, this should only happen if we restrict your access because of a violation of our terms of service.
Why can't I register?
Probably because you have been flagged as a spammer, most likely because your IP is in a foreign country or your IP or email address has been identified as a spam source.

If you feel this is in error, simply use the Contact Us form to request that we remove the information you provided from the blacklist, making sure to provide a way for us to verify your identity (a disposable email address is NOT enough). A street address and telephone number will suffice.
Why don't I have access to the [????] areas of the site?
If you have successfully registered, meaning you completed the application and were approved by an administrator, this is most likely because no one knows who you are. If you register as "SuperDD" and your email address is, there is little likelihood that anyone will divine your identity from the information you provided.

Unless you are personally known to one of our administrators, you will have to provide a VERIFIABLE local address and/or telephone number, have another registered member vouch for you, or contact the site administrator either through the Contact Us link or by private messaging. Once we're satisfied we know who you are, we will adjust your access accordingly.