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New shooters
I heartily endorse basic firearms safety training for anyone with a family member who has, or is considering getting, a firearm - particularly a handgun. In addition to understanding how to safely load, unload, check the status of, and use a firearm, it is the responsibility of every firearm owner to familiarize themselves with their weapons, since there is an inherent danger in handling or operating any machine capable of producing injury or death and that you not familiar with.

The best way to familiarize yourself with any firearms in general is of course to shoot them, and handling and shooting it is the only way to learn what you like and do not like about a particular firearm. Trying various firearms will not only help you discover which you like best, but prevents you from falling into the familiar trap of "falling in love" with the first gun you meet. People tend to cling to familiarity, so for many first-time gun owners, whatever the salesman talked them into buying will be what they stay with - even if it's not the best fit for them.

Since most people considering purchasing a handgun do so for personal protection, you should also be familiar with the legal aspects of using a firearm for this purpose, and the associated risks.For example, you should understand the penetrating capability of the bullets and gun you intend to use, and realize that if you discharge it in a building and miss your target that the bullet may penetrate a wall and cause unintended injury or death.

Although Arizona no longer requires either training or a permit to carry a firearm openly or concealed, I strongly advise anyone who plans to carry to obtain a CCW (concealed carry weapon) permit issued by the Department of Public Safety. Not only does this demonstrate your commitment to being a responsible gun owner, but it allows you to legally carry concealed in the neighboring state of Nevada.

Bank Street Guns' has a climate-controlled 25 yard indoor range with 7 shooting lanes. Their range fee is $15 per hour AND they have rental guns available for another $15. You are required to use range-approved ammunition, which they sell for $17-25 per 50 rounds. They also offer free range time for ladies on Tuesday, and for veterans on the 1st Wednesday of each month. They also rent fully-automatic weapons.

If you are interested in firearms, talk to a trusted relative or friend who shoots and ask if they will let you try their guns. If not, or if they don't have a handgun you can try, head down to Bank Street and try several BEFORE you buy.
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