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The Democrats goal
Well this is concerning... the stated goal that is circulating among Democrats is "to make sure the Republican Party dies".

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seriously doubt that any Republican is going to quit the party because somebody told them to, so to my thinking the implied goal is either to frighten Republicans into leaving the party or to kill them outright... which is probably what it would take in most cases.

We've already seen the rise of violence by what is apparently shaping up to be the brownshirts of the Democratic party, "Antifa". By all reasonable measures, anyone associating with that group should be charged with terrorist activities, inciting riots, hate crimes, and a slew of other offenses. The fact that they aren't is pretty strong indication that the parties that have taken over the Democratic party and are actively seeking to destroy America are firmly entrenched within positions of power, and are actively pursuing a plan to uphold laws only when it benefits their goals.

Frankly, I consider myself less of a Republican than a Patriot, and if I were in charge of housekeeping within the Republican party, I can assure you that a lot of pink slips would issue, but President Trump was right; the Republican party is the best we've got. That said, where the party seems to fail miserably - besides policing its ranks and publicly denouncing those who feign loyalty to the party - is recognizing the unassailable logic of the phrase, "A strong offense is the best defense."

As a patriot, I am more than willing to fight and die for the things I believe in, and those things do not include what President Trump so aptly calls "the false song of globalism". America may not have an untarnished past (or present), but one thing is certain: anyone who does not respect the principles upon which this country was founded does not deserve to be called an American, or to partake of any of America's bounty. It's time we stopped coddling people on the basis that everyone is the same and admitted to ourselves that not everyone is good, and not everyone who calls themselves an American should be allowed to.
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