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» Adminīs Blog - July 2020

» Well this is puzzling

The last time I checked, average wages south of the border were about a dollar a day, rounded up. Many people travel to Mexico to take advantage of the product of low wages - low prices, especially for services like dental care. Obviously, if a Mexican dentist earns 50 or 100 times less than a dentist in the U.S., their services are going to be substantially cheaper. I suspect the same is true, if only to a lesser degree, for most products, since the overall cost of goods is dictated by a combination of raw material and labor costs.

According to the news segment that I watched, the installation of concertina wire to reinforce the border wall and prevent people from illegally entering America from Mexico is having a detrimental effect on Mexicans who legally enter the U.S. to shop, and because of this, Arizona cities near the Mexico border are seeing a roughly 80% reduction in holiday shoppers.

Wait - what?? Up to 80% of holiday shoppers taking advantage of Black Friday sales and similar deals in southern Arizona are coming up from Mexico so they can spend a year's wages on a new TV or smartphone because they're on sale?!??

I suspect that if there's any truth to this story, the missing shoppers are NOT legal Mexican visitors, but people who earn American wages, and if enhanced border security has anything to do with them not going shopping near the border it probably has more to do with their concern either with being arrested for being in the country illegally, or with whether they can get back into America after delivering their gifts to their families in Mexico, or perhaps whether they can even sneak out of America.

Of course I'm probably just being a racist when I assume that there's a thriving underground of illegals in this area who use Wal Mart's money services to send money that they earned here back to their families. In reality, it's probably the hard working people in Mexico who send money to their relatives legally in the U.S. so they can get good deals on items to take back to Mexico and sell at a huge profit.

By Admin on November 27 2018 12:10 · 3937 Views · 0 Comments · Print · Blog index
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