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» Adminīs Blog - June 2020

» You can take the boy out of the country...

I get a lot of thumbs up on my "Make America Great Again" hat, deliberately chosen to reflect my propensity for subdued military and law enforcement styles over more raucous and attention-getting themes, and it seems to open a lot of people to casual conversation, presumably because it gives them more of an insight into who I am or what I represent than just me, with no caption.

One of the more, dare I say "illuminating" conversations I had was with a gentleman behind me in the checkout line at Wal Mart, who, like I, hails from New York (state). I should probably point out the distinction; I was born and raised in the middle of the state, commonly referred to either as Central New York or simply "upstate", while this gentleman was a Long Islander. Like myself, he apparently lives in Kingman, but he told me he visits NY every year.

I've been an avid proponent of the Constitution in its original purpose and interpretation all of my adult life, and have been carrying weapons since my army days, and still have my New York concealed carry permit from the early '80s. Back then, at least in my part of the state, they were reasonably easy to obtain if you had good character references, and there were no restrictions on where you could carry... as long as you stayed far, far away from New York City. Permits there were pretty much restricted to active law enforcement and rich people like our current President.

Anyway, in the course of our conversation we touched on a number of topics, mostly comparing opinions about the differences and similarities between Kingman and "back east", discussing how some things change and others stay the same, and so forth. I like to think, given the fact that I was wearing my MAGA hat, that my overall conservative leaning was apparent, and considering that and the fact that we were having this conversation in Kingman, Arizona, that the gentleman I was "conversating" (Sorry D.J.), err... conversing with, realized how insane a lot of the policies dribbling out of the "Big Apple" are. In fact, he concurred with me on these points.

And then came the awkward moment, when he pointed out how incredibly scary it is to see people OPENLY CARRYING GUNS everywhere - "I mean, you don't know... is this a stick-up", he opined. As usual, I was carrying concealed, and just didn't have the heart to tell him that the only reason he's not used to seeing people openly carrying in New York is because New York State doesn't permit open carry.

So my takeaway on this simply reinforces what I have long surmised about the leftist mentality: if I may digress for a moment, it's much like the difference between how male and female arousal are wired; most males are aroused by visual stimuli and to a lesser degree by audio stimuli, while most females are much more responsive to audio stimuli than visual. I bring that up because for some people, whom I will callously lump into a group labeled "leftists", "arousal" seems to best describe their reaction to certain, usually visual, stimuli.

Case in point is a rabid Democrat like D.B. opining that it's okay for me, wearing a military or police uniform, to carry a gun, but not for me, dressed in civilian clothing. What's the difference besides the visual cues, or the supposition that in one case I am carrying a badge and in the other not? Similarly, what is the difference between open carry and concealed carry, except that in the first case people are likely to be forced to confront the reality that some people carry guns, and in the latter it can be safely ignored, just like the lifelong history of Associate Justice Kavanaugh can be ignored, but the visual "arrousal", if you will, of an incident that someone claims to have happened three decades ago cannot.

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