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» Adminīs Blog - July 2020

» "Is healthcare a right or a privilege?"

Asking whether healthcare is a right or a privilege shows how little the person asking it understands about their own existence. It assumes, presumably, that life stems from government, not from God or any forces of nature. Let's be clear: rights are something you are born with, not something you are given. Sure, we could argue that you weren't born with the right to breathe, or to think, or to be free, but that misses the point that these things cannot be given to you - only taken from you.

Conversely, a privilege is emphatically not something you are born with, but rather a societal entitlement. Whether it is a physical reward like food or money, an honorary title, or some other type of benefit like getting to be the first in line, every privilege afforded to one person is paid for by a compensating reduction of privilege in other people. This is something that those who scream the loudest for "equality" simply cannot - or pretend not to grasp; that you cannot create a privilege without creating an inequality between the recipient of the privilege and those upon whom it was not bestowed.

Our rights are God-given, at least in the sense that they are not, and can not, be given from one human being to another - assuming that all human beings are indeed created equal. But, by the same logic, privilege cannot be given from one human being to another if all human beings are equal, for in order for one person to grant a privilege to another, either the person granting the privilege or a third person or group of people must be placed in a position unequal to that of the person receiving the privilege.

I'll let you work on it at your leisure, but in the meantime, please take my word for it: healthcare is NOT a right.

By Admin on January 02 2019 13:44 · 3686 Views · 0 Comments · Print · Blog index
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